Kyoto Tower

Hotel, Spa and Restaurant with a View

Kyoto Tower

Kyoto Tower (京都タワー) is a 131 metres (430 feet) tall, 800 ton in weight, Japanese candle-shaped observation tower that stands above the Kyoto city in Japan.

It was designed by Makoto Tanahashi, doctor of engineering, and built to withstand all the natural forces that could hit the area. Construction of the tower began in 1963 and was completed and opened mere a year later in december of 1964.

There are nine elevators that will take you to the tower’s 100 metre (330 feet) high observation deck, where you can use the free telescopes to peer far into the distance and enjoy the breathtaking view of the old Kyoto city.

Kyoto Tower Hotel

The enormous complex below the tower consists of a 9 storey building that houses a spa in the basement, various stores and other commercial areas in the first 4 floors and the 3-star Kyoto Tower Hotel (京都タワーホテル) on floors 5 and up, which offers 160 rooms to it’s guests.

On top of the Hotel, there is also a 3 floor restaurant named Sky Lounge which surrounds the tower itself and offers a spectacular view as well.

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Kyoto Station

Conveniently, the Kyoto Station (京都駅) stands just opposite of the Kyoto Tower, which you use to travel to, or back from, any other sight that you plan to visit.

If you are staying at the Tower Hotel, even if you are new to the city you can use the tall tower as a guide for direction, since it can be seen from afar. If you happen to somehow lose sight of the tower, you can always catch a train to the well known Kyoto Station, which brings you right to the doorstep of the Tokyo Tower Hotel.

Not only is the Kyoto Station a major railway station that can take you anywhere you want to go, but it is also one of the Japan’s largest buildings. It consists of 15-storeys of entertainment, accomodation, shopping, government facilities and much more.


The Kyoto Tower Hotel offers various size rooms for any budget. Check into one of the 160 rooms available and you will enjoy your stay.


The Kyoto Tower offers much more than just the view. Relax in the spa, enjoy the food in the restaurant or go sightseeing through the old Japanese city – Kyoto.


Take a moment to appreciate the mesmerizing view of the whole Kyoto city from the observation deck of the Kyoto Tower.


The Kyoto Tower extends above the city like a lighthouse that you can see from anywhere in the city. Take advantage of the Kyoto Station next door, to travel anywhere.